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August 13, 2011


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Hi TC,
Can you give me the source where you got the stat for chocolate milk being $1000/day more expensive than regular. That would be great for the upcoming SSC meeting. Thank you!

Tienchin Ho


Jose Alvarado, the director of FUSD Food Services, told me that flavored milk costs five cents more per carton/ bag than plain milk. This sounded high to me. Clint Lara, the Food Services director for Earlimart School District, says he saved one cent per carton by switching to plain milk. So, I used two cents more per carton/ bag. Since FUSD serves more than 70,000 meals per school day, this would represent a cost savings of more than $1,400 per school day.

Tienchin Ho

I would add that this is just the short-term savings with replacing chocolate milk with plain milk. Long-term savings include increased funding with fewer school absences, decreased medical costs caring for overweight people, and improved productivity by reducing disability related to being overweight.

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